Light up the way

by The Ripley Effect

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The Ripley Effect - Light Up The Way

Mart Õunpuu - Vocals
Edgar Pahhomov - Guitars
Ragnar Ratas - Guitars
Kristjan Mägi - Drums


released July 13, 2016

Lyrics written by Mart Õunpuu
Music written by Ragnar Ratas
except "Rise and Shine" written by Ragnar Ratas, Edgar Pahhomov and Kristjan Mägi

Guest vocals on "Disconnected" - Peep Sale from Everfall

Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Sander Sadam

Artwork by Edgar Pahhomov



all rights reserved


The Ripley Effect Estonia

Modern Hardcore/Metal band from Tartu, Estonia.

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Track Name: Breathe In
the eyes became useless, so follow the voice,
it's more like an instinct than a choice,
we are the hunters, we are the prey,
the first one's to see the brand new day,
heaven doesn't seem exciting anymore,
in the same city, but we live in different worlds,

i feel the waves,
followed by some more,
all i seem to crave,
has me waking on the floor

im having flashbacks,
im trying to recall,
im having flashbacks,
all i remember is...

you drew the lines right under our noses,
so breathe in baby, breathe in

this is all we need,
this is our night,
sharpen your teeth,
take the bigger bite

raise a glass
we'll get up once more,
bury all emotions,
hide the shovel behind our backs

this is all we need,
this is our night,
sharpen your teeth,
take the bigger bite
Track Name: Disconnected
in this hole
falling deeper and deeper
can't pick myself up
give me more
the taste is so bitter
im so out of touch

wear the night as my cloak,
blending in with filth,
live in circles and hope,
destruction and guilt,
the days i feel strongest,
im still so weak,
the mirage of hope

oh im a sinner, believe me,
locked in a prison, within (me).

with absent eyes and deaf ears,
walking on disappearing roads,
put my faith in a pill,
growing further from home.
the days i feel strongest,
im still so weak,
a mirage of hope

oh you're a sinner, believe me,
locked in a prison within

a mirage of hope,
a mirage of hope,
a mirage of hope in the desert of my dreams
Track Name: Rise And Shine
lose the blinds and maybe you'll see,
the picture they painted is not what it seems,
take a stand, take a blade,
i'll let you cut right to the chase,
no escape, the demons reign,
they got us all to behave
the smallest spark can spread fire,
in the ashes you'll find change

the light moves through sound,
a fight for whats right,
the chains will melt down,
we'll burn everything

the struggle creates the sin,
the prison we are locked within,
oh we'll burn
the remedies not in the sky,
the dream ignites inside,
be a part of the spark
til fire catches on,

the battle we call life,
the home that we all seek,
they suffocate our minds,
no chance for us to breathe,

oh we'll burn,
oh we'll burn.

be a part of the spark
til fire catches on
be a part of the spark

the struggle creates the sin (2x)
Track Name: An invisible thread
each reflection, the shapes will change
every scent and every face
is my head really the key
do these thoughts
or the pictures on the wall
shed light to what dwells in me

am i to create,
or do i just follow
is there something bigger, (something bigger then who we are)
than you and me

you and me
you and me
who are we
take it in, make me

take it all in
it takes me back
(don't let this disappear)
(conjure it from thin air)

the bricks that we lay,
don't miss a step,
this is the best way,
we've got to stand strong,
you've got to find,
and hold on!

align our vision,
and clear our hearts,
young souls, we shine gold,
we fear no dark

is your head really the key,
do these thoughts,
give you the power to rule
you are the crown upon your head,

you and me
you are we
who are we

I am you
Track Name: Light Up The Way
with clipped wings it's hard to reach,
But willpower and gritted teeth,
We're on the edge,
So grab my hand and jump with me

i felt swallowed by the dark,
been a struggle since the start,
all the trouble in my heart,
break the bubble, be smart,
beyond flesh i'll leave my mark
in the black i'll be the spark
a helpful hand,
be the source,
make a stand,
stay on course
light up the way
free yourself from all that was
light up the way
you have the key to open doors

i'll hold the torch and guide your path,
on the road when you can't see,
i'll give you hope, erase the past,
do you believe in me?
i'll hold the torch, on this road
i'll give you hope, believe in me!

you can't run or hide,
its all coming for you,
leave it behind,
theres nothing more to do,
our lives are like sand,
these castles won't last,
but packed together closely,
the weather we can stand,
a helpful hand (reach out)
be the source,
take the leap (believe)
stay on course
our are lives are like sand,
the castles won't last,
but if we pack together closely,
the weather we can stand!